What is FanFight?

FanFight is a fantasy sports portal established in 2016, and acquired by Head Infotech in March 2018 for $1Million. Their user base has crossed 2 million users as the number of registrations in the last 12 months increased 10 times. In the coming months the user base is projected to cross 5 million users. The variety in the sort of fantasy games offered by FanFight is wide and the contests are amusing. It is only a matter of time for this fantasy sports portal to reach an even bigger audience as they introduce more fantasy contests for more sports.

Currently, FanFight offers fantasy games for Cricket and Football. The fantasy portal eyes to introduce fantasy contests for other major sports like Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey and Tennis as well. The company claims to send faster point updates and also fast withdrawals. Factors like safe and faster withdrawals are important for sports gaming fans and can be a catalyst in increasing the user base. Users can also download Android and iOS apps to play on FanFight and win daily cash prizes. Apart from winning daily cash prizes, the fast cash withdrawals and head-to-head contests are their marquee features making FanFight a must try.

They allow users to play contests without verification, though verification is mandatory to withdraw a user’s winnings. While users can verify their account using either AADHAR or PAN card as ID proof, PAN card is mandatory in case of the winnings from a cash contest exceeding Rs.10000.

Types of Games

Mega Contests

● Mega contests are public, organized by FanFight and include the highest number of entries, the highest number of winners and the biggest cash prize.

● For instance, a confirmed Mega Contest allowing Multiple entries with an entry fee of Rs.39 has a cash prize of Rs.100000 for the #1 ranking team.

● The total number of winners in this contest is 10000 (size is 20000 teams) and prize money to be won by teams with ranks between 4001 and 10000 is Rs.39.

● Users can user 15% bonus to enter in the Mega Contests and try their skills and knowledge of the sport to win big money.

Hot Contests

The Hot Contest-99 is the lowest entry fees contest with Rs.99 entry fees and 666 total entries. A total of 235 winners will be declared and the user #1 ranking team will win Rs.10000 cash prize. The lowest cash prize in this contest is Rs.100 for users with teams ranking between 51 and 235. It is Multi entry contest where users are allowed to use 10% bonus to pay for the entry fees.

Another Hot Contest with the same Rs.10000 cash prize for the 1st rank is Hot Contest-39. This contest has lower entry fees – Rs.39 and higher number of entries allowed – 2666 and 1300 winners. Teams ranking between 101 and 500 will win Rs.100 prize while those ranking from 501 to 1300 will win Rs.39 each.

Head To Head Contests

The highest paying Head to Head contest organized by FanFight is the Head to Head – 875. The entry fees being Rs.875, the contest allows 5% bonus to be used for paying the entry fees. The winner of this contest wins Rs.1500.

A lesser payout is available in the Head to Head – 570 contest where the prize money is Rs.1000 at an entry fees of Rs.570. All the Head to Head contests are single entry contest allowing users to enter with only one team.


As the name suggests, these contests allow users to enter with a smaller fees, while paying out higher rewards in winnings. A Rs.25 entry Rumble contest that Multi Entry with a limit of 10% bonus allows up to 3750 teams to participate pays Rs.500 to all the 150 winners. While the Rs.50 entry contest with a limit of 1250 participants has 100 winners who will win Rs.500 each.

The ROI in the Rs.50 contest that pays out Rs.500 on winning is impressive. These types of contests paying an equal amount to all the winners are unique and make FanFight an ultimate destination for all the fantasy sports fans and newcomers.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a unique contest and adds more fun and value to FanFight platform. A Rs.25 entry contest allowing Multiple entries and a maximum of 500 participants has only 1 winner who will win a cash prize of Rs.10000.

Another such contest that is unique to FanFight fantasy sports platform is the Double or Nothing contest. In a Put 250 Take 500 contest, 45% of the participants will win 2 times of their entry fees i.e 2 times of Rs.250. Any number of participants can join a Double or Nothing contest with Multiple entries. The Put 25 Take 100 contest pays 4 times of the entry fees. However, the number of winners is lesser at 20% .

Customer Service

When a user is logged in, clicking on the “More” menu option opens up a page, on which the last option is “Contact Us”. Choosing this option allows users to send a message with his/her queries or questions to the help desk at FanFight. The users will need to specify their email address and they can also add an attachment if need be.

Payment Options

Adding money to the user account is easy and fast. Simply clicking the Add Cash button in the profile opens up the payment page where the user can select the amount to be added.

Paytm, MobiKwik and Amazon Pay are the wallet options available to make a deposit at FanFight. Users can also use UPI method to make deposits along with Debit/Credit card payment method.

For users interested in making payments through netbanking, a wide range of banks are supported including all the major banks in India.

Sign Up Bonus

A Rs.30 sign up bonus is received in the FanFight wallet as soon as the user has completed registration. While another Rs.100 cash bonus can be earned using the promo code FANFIGHT100 only on the first deposit.

● To earn more cash bonus, users can refer FanFight to their friends using their Invite Code.
● Every time a friend signs up on FanFight, the friend Rs.70 as referral bonus in addition to the sign up bonus of Rs.30.
● While the user will get 100% of anything his/her friend deposits in their account – upto Rs.500.
● For instance, if a friend of a user joins using their invite code and deposits Rs.500, the friend will get Rs.100 cash bonus and the user will get Rs.500.