What is HalaPlay?

HalaPlay is a Daily Fantasy Sports platform offering fantasy games for Cricket, Football and Kabaddi. Their motto is to get sports fans and enthusiasts from watching and following the game to playing it. Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS falls under the larger fantasy sports umbrella, and deals with daily fantasy games exclusively. Users can create teams, compete in leagues and contests everyday and win prizes without having to wait for the season to end. This gives the site a more fun and casual appeal tapping into a wide range of audience that follows sports.

They also intend to increase user engagement by replacing the old, passive ways of following sports with a more exciting and fun way of fantasy games. This kind of user engagement is also expected to increase sports viewership.

HalaPlay covers all international Test matches, T20Is, ODIs and few domestic leagues. Football fans can find fantasy games on HalaPlay for Euro Cup, World Cup, La Liga, Copa America, EPL, ISL and Champions Trophy matches. They also cover all the domestic Kabaddi leagues in India.

While these fantasy games are  games of skills and are completely legal, users from states of Assam, Odisha and Telangana can not play the cash contests on HalaPlay. The laws in these states do not allow their residents to participate in paid contests. However, these users can join the free leagues, compete and win points.

Types of Games

There are 3 types of league formats offered at HalaPlay –

Public Leagues

  • These are leagues created by HalaPlay and open to all customers to join and win prizes.
  • These include Head-to-Head leagues where two users compete with their respective teams in a contest and the user with the highest aggregate scoring team wins.
  • The entry fee for a H2H league ranges from Free to up to INR5000. The VIP winnings of INR10000 are up for grabs in a H2H league with an entry fee of INR5000.
  • Grand Prize public leagues are created by HalaPlay and allow users to enter with more than 1 team. The 1.5 Million Monster Grand Prize league for example, has an entry fee of INR44 and the number 1 ranking winner wins INR150000.

Private Leagues

  • A user can create a private league and invite friends to join.
  • A user not only gets to create a private league, but also decide the number of entries, the winning criteria, and the entry fees for joining the league.
  • While deciding on the entry fees for a private league, users can select from INR10 to INR100000.
  • Other parameters to set while creating a private league on HalaPlay are – Contest Format – Head-to-Head or League, and Contest Type – Normal or Reverse.

Reverse Fantasy

There are all kinds of contests present in Public Leagues with only a small difference. The worst performing team is declared as winner in a Reverse type of contest. Grand Prize Leagues, Head-to-Head Leagues, Free Entry Leagues and User Created Leagues are offered as reverse type of contest.

Users will have to choose the worst players in their team and to win the contest, their team needs to end up with the lowest aggregate points.

Here are some things to remember when creating teams on HalaPlay –

  • The virtual points offered as budget for selecting players in your team, called as “Salary” on HalaPlay are 100.
  • Users can select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 batsmen and bowlers in their team, while selecting a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 all-rounders along with only 1 wicket-keeper.

Customer Service

Users can send an email to care@halaplay.com with their questions and queries.

Payment Options

The payment options available at HalaPlay are –

  • Paytm Wallet
  • PhonePe/BHIM UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Debit/Credit Card

Sign Up Bonus

Using the Promo Code WELCOME, users can get 100% bonus on their first deposit to HalaPlay. This offer is valid for a deposit of INR10 to INR50. A 5% bonus will be offered on using Promo Code SHARK for a deposit of INR10000 to INR500000.

One of the unique features on HalaPlay are the passes – Silver Pass, Gold Pass, Platinum Pass, and Diamond Pass. These passes offer Free Entries/Bonus/Discounts allowing users to save money during a season. For example, the Gold Pass for World Cup 2019 costs INR234 giving users 10 free entries in monster leagues, while a Platinum Pass gives 20 free entries in monster at a price of INR546.

Referral program is offered for Android and iOS app users of the HalaPlay platform. A user can earn INR50 when their friend signs up using their refer code and the friend will get INR50 extra as a sign up bonus. Users can invite unlimited friends to sign up on HalaPlay using their refer code.

Bonus money cannot be used in private leagues created by users on the platform. All other bonus leagues allow 100% bonus usage and users can identify these leagues by looking for the “B” symbol. A user can continue to use 100% bonus in these leagues even after the 100% bonus entries limit is reached. While in the non bonus league, 20% bonus can be used and the rest 80% will come from the user’s winnings or deposits. Users need to verify their PAN card to use bonus in the non bonus leagues.


The Daily Fantasy Sports platform offers a range of contests suited for a wide range of audiences – from beginners to fantasy sports experts. The reverse fantasy games, season passes are some of the features unique to the platform along with their use of machine learning and data analysis to help their users. HalaPlay offers deep analysis of user’s playing behaviour, plotting graphs for money spent vs money won to give the users a deeper insight into the game. Ability to withdraw the winnings anytime is another reason that makes HalaPlay a popular choice among sports fantasy gamers. The maximum number of entries in a multi entry league, which is 10 at Halplay is the best in the industry. Adding to this, is  the ability to edit teams even after the toss, unlike some of the other fantasy platforms where the deadline is 1 hour before the actual game starts. The platform, with its design, interface and features is true to the spirit of the game and promises a lot of excitement for sports fans.